DomainWhoIs version 1.0 Released - Domain Who Is Lookup Tool

We are pleased to announce the release of a new program called DomainWhoIs.

This is a first version release so if you find any bugs, please report them to us using our support forums and we will get any issues sorted out as soon as possible.

DomainWhoIs is a program that can search for Who Is information about web domains using a number of different Who Is lookup servers. All you have to do is select your lookup server and enter your web domain you want to search information about and click Submit. All information is then presented directly to you within the program.

You can download the new program using the download button below:



This is an unrestricted 30 day trial but the full version is available for just 89p (GBP) and can be purchased by clicking the link below:

Purchase Full Version of DomainWhoIs




You can use our support forums to report any bugs or request any new lookup servers to be added to future versions.


Please feel free to leave any comments below using our Disqus system.

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